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Status Update – Summer 2016

Hi everyone. I thought I’d post a status update on the blog. Those of you who have been in touch know that my plan was to finish Apostol, Volume I on June 23. Since that has come and gone, and I’m still not finished, it looks like I’m falling behind schedule. There are still about 100 problems to do in Chapter 14, and I would like to clean up problems that I left incomplete in Chapters 8 and 13. My plan also included starting in on solving all of the problems in Hoffman & Kunze, which is getting delayed also.

Sadly, I don’t think I have time this summer to put into solving problems. I’ll be a first year grad student in the fall and have prelim exams that I would like to pass in August. Tentatively, my new plan is to finish up Apostol, and clean up the incomplete problems by the end of August, and then start in on Hoffman & Kunze (Linear Algebra) on September 1. I’ll probably also reduce the rate of problems from 150 or so per month to 60 per month. I think that’s a pace I can maintain (hopefully).

Anyway, sorry for not responding to comments and for falling behind. I suspect that this will be the new normal though, since I foresee being quite busy for the next two years. Feel free to keep leaving comments, and I’ll try to respond. Of course, if you see questions/comments from other users that you can answer, then feel free to chime in.

Sorry for being so slow! I’ll at least try to keep making forward progress.


  1. William C says:

    Thank you for these solutions and for your math book list! Like everyone else, I wish you luck wherever you are now, and to anyone else reading this, have fun learning more math and doing whatever else you want to do!

  2. Peter Lindquist says:

    I need help with problem #21 in section 11.28 of Calculus Volume 2, page 401 (Apostol). I can do #20 and #22, but this one has me stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Mathieu St-Amour says:

    First of all, congratulations on your back in grad school ! Also, I would like to declare that the job you did with this blog is an axiom of the univers for me :-) ! I begin Hoffman alongside my cours far too practical for me and I have to support your point of view about the beauty of this book! I am looking forward to compare my mistakes with your answers. Finally, do not stress with the amount of resources you put on this blog man and entertains yourself in your great journey in grad . Peace, love and math !

  4. Hey, man. Thank you so much for this amazing work you have been doing. It’s been of great help for me. I am sure you will excell as a grad student, and I hope you will go on to solve great problems still open. Looking foward to the Linear Algebra solutions! All the best!

  5. I was delighted to receive the announcement of your being accepted in grad school. Congrats! You can review the past few years with a proud sense of accomplishment, while looking ahead with anticipation to the challenges that you will soon be facing. All the best.

  6. tom says:

    Rori- No worries about not responding to comments. I’ll comment if the need arises, though partly just to let you know I’m still utilizing your efforts here. Your blog has been indispensable and a godsend for me.

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